Daily Archives: March 23, 2013

52% done with The Cossacks

So there is the scene in the glade where he hunts the stag and there is a very womb line quality to it and even a birth where he wanders along the ditch. All the while he’s had a revelation about living for the good of others but while the scene is beautiful it’s also a little forced. He should have spent more time with our hero to really make the point artfully.

84% done with Dead Souls

It’s funny how the one thing nearly all the world’s great writers agree on is that instead of being a writer or a learned person it is better to be a serf, a peasant, one with nature, indentured to a master or some god or other.

Nobility in poverty is the term that must get bandied about literary circles, yet let’s see one of them go to poverty and willingly stay there!

Greener is the grass of another fool.