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56% done with Oliver Twist

More new characters and Oliver is unconscious again.

So let’s say that the though the book is called ‘Oliver Twist’ it’s actually about all the characters who some into contact with him. That would be all well and good, except all the characters in this books are idiots. Granted, as we meet more and more of them they get slightly better developed, but still – unfunny buffoons.

25% done with t zero


Qjwfq, the man, hoped that as the earth cooled after it formed from the swirling mass of gas orbiting the sun that it would become one, giant, uniform crystal. Vug, the girl, however, wanted variety and was okay with imperfections.

I enjoyed how the story flipped back between primordial earth and modern New Jersey even if the explanation between the sexes was a bit too nail on the head.