Daily Archives: May 3, 2013

89% done with Oliver Twist

I think anyone who writes for television should read this book so they can understand how even only one writer can get a story so far off the rails it becomes almost another story all-together.

And unlike Anna Karenina where that book is really about Levin yet still needs the character of Anna, Oliver could be written to a single minor chapter and we’d be none the wiser.


34% done with t zero

Blood, Sea

So far this is my favorite story in the book. Calvino imagines that the primordial sea we once swam in as primitive microbes is now the sea within us: our own blood.

What a beautiful idea of 4 characters in a VW bug, speeding dangerously along a coastal highway, the passengers lusting for each other, the blood hot and red and desirous and ancient and tragic.