Daily Archives: May 8, 2013

90% done with t zero

The Chase, The Night Driver

These two stories are about communication and information. Calvino could very well be describing how information moves around in a computer, but he’s also talking about modern life. The first story is information overload, the second is the mixed signals of life and the loneliness and confusion that arise from it.

The Night Driver is my next favorite story in this book.

39% done with Jane Eyre

Charlotte plays a neat trick with the character development of Jane that I love.

After the typhus outbreak, the next 8 years are skipped over until she leaves. We see nothing more of her struggles with her hot head. Yet we remember she’s still willful. When Mr. Rochester leaves, we then get her inner monologue as she steadies her mind with what can only be from her years of schooling. Those years fill right in.