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page 158 of 296 of The Lost Steps

The narrator is a juvenile in an adult body. He thinks he is profound, he thinks that his passions are paramount to the wishes of those around him, he’s bad tempered, aloof, judgmental, and sexist but only because he does not understand women at all and so he either despises them or lusts after them.

I’m trying to figure out what the author is trying to say with this unlikable character – I fear it may be nowhere

41% done with Seven Pillars of Wisdom

Lawrence makes a very interesting comparison between the very funny story of him shooting his own camel in a charge with that of how and why a modern military functions as a unit.

The Arab war was a guerrilla war, individuals united only in cause. The Turks were modern, and thus exploited. A group is a hindrance against the guerrilla, a lesson nobody seems to ever learn.

And now onto hopelessly divided Syria.