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page 333 of 429 of One Hundred Years of Solitude

‘It rained for four years. eleven months, and two days.’ What a great sentence!

So the flood has finally come to Macondo but unlike the bible where we never find out what happens to the more interesting people who god drowns away, we find the people here digging for gold coins under the house, picking leeches off of Ursula, making up what’s in the encyclopedia, and breaking all the fine china.

Starting over.

34% done with Bastard Out of Carolina

It’s odd to think that our world is really separated into 2 separate worlds: one of men and another of women. And I’m not talking about the obvious differences, but rather of how each of sees and moves through the world differently.

I think the one thing men are envious of women for is that women always have each other and there is a strength in the company of women. Us men are loners and it can work at us.