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10% done with Ulysses

Stephen is a thinker, but he doesn’t ask questions like Bloom does. Stephen is surrounded by death and the image of a dog – cerebrus in a way. Bloom, the cat and he feeds off of death at the butcher. Both think about sex – a lot, but Stephen is more immature about it. Jews too, Jews keep coming up – a lost tribe? The Irish as lost a lost tribe? And green = death. Snotgreen, the bile, the cats eyes. Ireland is green.

page 105 of 384 of The Death Ship

As funny as this novel is, it’s a little hard to take anything seriously when the main character doesn’t either.

Not that I don’t like him, but he’s so flip and doesn’t have a care about anything that he almost doesn’t even exist.

Still, with a title like ‘The Death Ship’, I’m going to assume things will be taking a turn for the worse for out hero.