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19% done with Ulysses

I love how Bloom is always trying to think of ways things can be done better. He spends half the time at the funeral thinking of better ways to deal with the dead bodies.

I wonder if that’s because he’s always been like that or because the death of his son has turned him into someone always trying to make things right?

He’s kind of a shulb, too but also kindly and likable.

page 152 of 384 of The Death Ship

Always read the fine print, but even when you do, whoever wrote the fine print can prove in a court of law that what you assumed the fine print meant isn’t at all what they meant and that you’re only going to get paid half of what you’re owed and you don’t actually have any rights.

This has always been the problem with capitalism – those who have make the all the rules and all the rules only favor those who have.