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23% done with Ulysses

Chapter 7 is kind of a tough nut to crack. I should have paid closer attention at first to ‘Keyes’ being the key.

The whole chapter is about language and about how to use it to confound, mystify, mislead, misinform, and lie. Each section devolves into an ever more outrageous headline title that sounds great and says nothing.

Joyce is tap-dancing for us, and it’s splendid – though a slog too.

page 179 of 384 of The Death Ship

A lot of people complain about all the rules and regulations and laws that governments come up with, but just imagine if there weren’t any. Imagine if the company you worked for didn’t have to follow any rules – do you think you’d be treated the same as you do now?

Of course not. You’d be screwed out of even your paycheck. So extreme as this book is, the slippery-slope it explores if real enough.