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28% done with Ulysses

Today’s theme: food and vision.

I feel like I already know Mr. Bloom better than any other person in fiction, non-fiction, or even real life.

I also settled on what I think those trams are all about: they’re like a transport system for the not yet born and the recently deceased.

Pins, broken hearts, 15, kidneys, things that are solid, questions, and everything has a story if you listen closely.

page 246 of 384 of The Death Ship

I rather enjoyed the time Traven takes to describe and explain the hellish conditions and processes of the ship. Boilers and the fallen bars and the second engineer yelling about the steam and them almost killing him. It was very Dante, but more terrible because it was more real.

And of course the Yorkiee is a smugglers ship – what else could she be? Yet nobody turns on the skipper and they keep quiet too.