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32% done with Ulysses

9’s theme: immortality and father envy

Knowing a bit about Shakespeare was helpful for this chapter – not really because of the allusions (it helps) but to keep up with who they are comparing to whom- especially Ann.

At least Stephen admits he doesn’t believe his own nonsense. His theory of Hamlet silly – just like a lot of academic musings on this very novel.

Immortality is hard; out of your control.

page 288 of 384 of The Death Ship

So now we get Stanislav’s story which is very much like our hero’s. The book seems to be framed by these two stories of men who have lost their passport, their country, their name, and some of them their lives all together.

Honestly, I’m not sure why the novel is taking this turn back on itself – it seems redundant to go over the same material.