Daily Archives: October 11, 2013

48% done with The Trial

It’s interesting how much our lives are based around not taking responsibility. We are never responsible when we do something wrong because there were extenuating circumstances. We work for people who aren’t responsible for the orders handed down to them. Banks aren’t responsible for the economy, parents for their kids, companies for their corruption. K is not responsible for his ‘guilt’ … yet.

53% done with The Long Ships

This book is at its best when there is a lot of action and the stakes are clear. Orm is a man of action and of few words so that when he’s in a situation where the greatest controversy is christian conversion (a matter of considerable words), Orm is sort of wasted as a character. Luckily Father Willibald, though just as fiesty, is a great partner and foil, however, there needs to be more for him to do.