Daily Archives: May 25, 2014

13% done with They Were Counted

The party scene was incredible, especially as Balint and Adrienne are on the balcony as the sun is about to come up and in that perfect moment the whole group of dancers come crashing out onto the patio, all stumbling around, and then disappear back in. There is a sadness, too. The fish with no bones, Uncle Dani with the books and passing out, the Valse Macabre nobody liked – “not all memories can be wished back”

25% done with The Sound and the Fury

The question I kept asking myself was why are we getting these chapters? Why is it in this strange style with this sort of character who has no concept of time or even self? My opinion is that Faulkner is showing us how memory breaks down, how fragmented the past becomes even in our own lives, how many small moments add up to who we are now and how now is a mix of thens. Also because we don’t have answers; we fools.