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80% done with The Story of the Malakand Field Force

He’s got politics on the mind but his ideas are naive and too narrowly focused, though his heart and honor are in the right place.

He speaks with a soldier who had an arm amputated and he wonders what that man’s future will be like, how he’ll get a measly pension, drink the money away, die a pauper. He is angry that the ‘richest nation on earth’ can’t or won’t take care of its soldiers.

History repeating.

38% done with Eugene Onegin

Chapter three works around in he theme of Tatyana not knowing how to love. We get the images of more experienced lovers playing coy with their “prey”, her old nanny who most likely is choosing not to remember her old flames, and how Russian ladies can’t even express themselves in the Russian language

After her letter we get the image of the captured butterfly, the trapped hare, and ends with a cliffhanger. Anxious