66% done with A Confederacy of Dunces

I wonder if what we’re reading here is akin to what happened with Ted Kaczynski? Social isolation combined with a good education could affect a person this way?

What is interesting in the narrative is we are seeing Ignatius more and more from other people’s perspective. He’s now pretty much a bum pushing that hot dog cart around and his insanity is just like that of people you still meet (sadly) in cities today.

He’s nearly un-tethered from reality at this point. It’s like watching someone fall off a building to their death in slow motion.

I can’t get over how sad this novel is despite all its humor. Everyone in it is disillusioned in one way or another. Either they think they really are well educated from some correspondence course they once failed, or they are in the wrong line of work, or their family hates them, or their employer has them by the balls, that it makes quite a case against modern civilization.

Is this what he’s trying to say with this book? That we’re doomed to insanity as a civilization? That everything we do in what we think of as a normal life is just as insane as what Ignatius does? Or might it be better just to go insane and create our own, better reality? Is escapism the only answer?