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4% done with War and Peace


I love how he bookends the dinner scene with “The chairs scraped” [along the ground]. It’s those attentions to detail that bring the novel to life.

This is the first time we see Natasha’s power and energy put to use (mischievous as it is) and how she is always indulged. We also get her looking at Pierre twice, mere glances, but his inadvertent giggle is telling of what’s to come.

4% done with War and Peace


I love the observation of the party guests engaging in only light conversation because they know dinner will be served soon and don’t want to get into anything too heavy less they miss the call to eat. Here we meet Berg and how self centered he is, but also how Tolstoy seems to have a low opinion of Germans (cheap, hungry only for knowledge and not food at a party).

The Russians party with the world at war.

4% done with War and Peace


This is the first of many beautiful moments in the novel: the giving of money between Anna M and Countess Rostova. It’s complicated because it’s an unnecessary expense for the Count who is bad with money, but it’s vital because it’s the right thing to do, to help a friend. And this moment is the last real moment we get of the parents generation – it’s a passing of the torch, they know it, and they cry.