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19% done with War and Peace


Bagration is personified as the perfect military man, he’s a humble, almost awkward man more comfortable under fire than at a dinner party. He has no pretensions. This is why that terrible verse read through the chapter alludes to ancient Rome (a good General should retire to the fields and plow).

They honor a General who successfully retreated, something Kutuzov will do later but nobody will understand.

19% done with War and Peace


Though Russia has lost the battle to Napoleon, they don’t seem too concerned about it. Excuses are made, parties are planned, a hero is honored in Bagration to spite old Kutuzov. But what else can you do in defeat? Walk around all day in black with tears in your eyes? Life goes on. The Russian spirit prevails as they turn inward. The majority of the book deals with this “inward” in-between time of battles.

18% done with War and Peace



Tolstoy uses the Rostov family as a metaphor for Russia itself. Though imperfect and rash, they love each other and love everyone too. Denisov instantly recognizes the Rostov family as a home, a home he always wanted and is why he attaches himself to this family the rest of his life. Sonya too will attach herself to this surrogate family her whole life, though for different reasons.