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21% done with War and Peace


You have to hand it to Nikolai for telling Sonya exactly how he felt and what the reality was. He isn’t leading her on, though he does have love for her, but it’s brotherly love.

The reason why Denisov is accepted and Dolokhov isn’t seems simple enough, but Natasha is astute in saying Dolokhov is calculating. Denisov is basically a Rostov: open, warm, impetuous so he fits right in.

Rostov’s = Weasley’s

21% done with War and Peace


Like his father, Nikolai is easily influenced, but being life inexperienced he’s susceptible to fall under the influence of bad people: Dolokhov. I do wonder if Dolokhov really did love Sonya which is why he’s going to be so cruel to the Rostov’s the rest of the novel. He wants to be part of the family like Denisov (Denisov is actually mentioned this chapter in comparison, too) but he’ll never be. Resents it

20% done with War and Peace


“What have they taken a baby in there for?”, One of the greatest lines ever written in the history of literature.

Lisa’s death is strange because we don’t really feel that sad about it. Yet we should because there was no reason not to love her. The reason for this is because Tolstoy is making us feel the way Andrei feels towards her. Ever chapter’s narrator speaks from the main character’s POV. Subtly.