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38% done with War and Peace


I like Natasha’s concept of eternity: it’s just tomorrow and tomorrow is another tomorrow. One day at a time for her. And all this in the moonlight while Dimmler plays a harp. Beautiful, but sad, too.

We now drift into unreality, to the past, and to the possible future. Metempsychosis is brought up, everyone is dressed in costume, Nicholas doesn’t recognize where they are. Very magical.

38% done with War and Peace


On one level Tolstoy is showing us the boredom of the rich, the laziness and wastefulness of that lifestyle of the rich, but he does it through the thoughts of Natasha, a 17 year-old. Most people that age are bored with their surroundings, and for her with a lover whom she can’t have it’s no wonder shes more bored than most 17 year-olds.

She’s being tested and this will lead to her mistake.

38% done with War and Peace


As with all good things, reality will find a way to temper them, and in the Rostov’s case their mismanagement of their affairs can only hurt them. Nicholas and Sonia’s relationship are a burden to their mother and could ruin the family. Here Tolstoy asks us which is more right, marry for love or marry to take care of your family? Uncle, though not married, lives for love, but is that possible for everyone?

37% done with War and Peace


This chapter is the soul of Russia, the soul of all people, of being alive, and of all that is good in life. It’s not religious, in fact it’s very secular with its music and food and dancing, but it’s still the essence of what is good.

“I know that I shall never again be as happy and tranquil as I am now”, and she’s almost right, but she does come full circle at the very end.