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50% done with War and Peace


Whereas Nicholas does not find what he wants in doing something he loves, Natasha finds something she wants she didn’t knew existed for her and it brings her joy. Tolstoy is showing us that to kill and make war is a terrible thing that can only bring grief to all the those warriors, but to be humble, to ask for forgiveness for “everything, everything” is where true joy awaits us. And so she revives.

49% done with War and Peace


” …that is why there are, and always will be, pseudo-healers, wise women, homeopaths, and allopaths”. Homeopaths are not a new idea, these quacks have been around since the beginning of time, it’s only more recently we see how dangerous they are.

Tolstoy is basically telling us that you can’t cure a broken heart and spirit. No medicine but time can heal those wounds enough.

49% done with War and Peace


Earlier Nicholas had run from the French during a battle, he ran because he was afraid and because he wondered why would anyone want to kill him. Now the tables were turned, and the Frenchmen with blue eyes and dimple felt that way. But nobody knows what you’re feeling inside and so they rewarded him even though he hesitated to strike the Frenchmen. Now that he got what he wanted, he didn’t like it.

49% done with War and Peace


In Full Metal Jacket one of the characters says of Animal Mother that he’ll be ok after the war s long as there was someone to always be throwing grenades at him. This sums up the kind of person who thrives in war but struggles everywhere else. And it’s a shame to be good at war, to be good at killing; what sort of “God given talent” is the talent for war?

Nicholas is good in war and struggles in life.

49% done with War and Peace


It’s no coincidence that when Nicholas is in a good place in life he gently flirts with a woman named Mary. This Mary is German, married, and a reason to make her husband jealous all the time, so she’s not the angel the next Mary will be, but it shows Nicholas getting closer to what his life should be. He zeroing in on the right way to live – though his road will always be bumpy.

48% done with War and Peace


While everyone else is splintered and fractured, Nicholas is more mature, more experienced, more settled in the Army. It’s a life that suits him well, though he’s not ambitious enough to make much of a career from it. He’s a lot like Andrei, though not cynical.

We don’t see his anger causing him trouble as it will later on.