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51% done with War and Peace


I love how Petya doesn’t actually know what the Emperor looks like, but he shouts “Hurrah!” regardless. He even wants to serve in the Army for a man who he wouldn’t even recognize.

Him being crushed by the crowd foreshadows his inevitable fate and the danger of what he wants to undertake.

There is something very Roman Empire (the bad Emperors) about the Emperor tossing biscuits to the masses below.

50% done with War and Peace


How many loves that almost were never were because of war? Not only does the soldier die, but everyone at home dies a little, too and the world is poorer for having fewer bright young people in it. Imagine of Tolstoy had been killed in Crimea? What if Alain-Fournier had not been killed in France?

The war separates Pierre from Natasha emotionally but it’s also an excuse because they are afraid.

50% done with War and Peace


Come to think of it I think a lot of the kids of those 80’s parents grew up to be the anti-vaccination parents of this generation. And that’s an even more dangerous quackery that will do a billion times more (and actual) damage to the fabric of our society than just a handful of those old frightened hens thinking Satan is spooking around their kid’s record player.

Satan is a fool spreading ignorance.

50% done with War and Peace


This chapter reminds me of the 1980’s when those silly moms were trying to sue heavy metal bands for satanic influences on their kids. They tried every which-way to twist around song lyrics and images to fit their perceived notion of Satan and an immoral society. And it was all quackery, and it was nothing new. Fools will always be fooled by their own foolery because they want to be fooled.

50% done with War and Peace


This is one of those moments when the author gets into a conflict with established religion. He sets us up with Natasha praying earnestly for everyone, including her enemies, but ends with the priest, reading the approved church prayer to kill the invading enemy. And while the church couches the plea in terms of a holy battle against the wicked, she and us know morally it is wrong to wish death on anyone.