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page 71 of 198 of The Tartar Steppe

You get the feeling the Tarters are winning the war just by letting these people man their forts in Solitude. While the Tarters roam free, Drogo is tied to eternal watch, to fantasize about a battle that will never come. There is a war and he’s losing badly.

Reminds me of the SpongeBob gif of the fish in his car, at his window, and at the office. Over and over the same.

89% done with War and Peace


“What a lot of men he’s ruined!”

Tolstoy does a nice job of recreating the banter of the soldiers, but though this was from a different era, I have no doubt it’s been edited heavily. Funny to say I think the best to catch military “grunts” talking was the film Aliens – the banter felt genuin. Here the men are quick to forgive the French, and maybe that’s how they wanted to remember it- not as being crass

89% done with War and Peace


I had to look up what a wattle fence is. Pretty obvious now that I see it would be great for campfires.

Of course there is always that one guy who, though the mood doesn’t call for it, has to “remind” everyone of decorum because “There are gentry here; the general himself is in that hut…”. As if even they care that the men are being crass and merry. But there always has to be that “one guy”.

88% done with War and Peace


“To a lackey no man can be great, for a lackey has his own conception of greatness.” Yeah, the lackey believes only himself is truly great.

Tolstoy can get on with it, we get the point, we really, really, really do. We’re not leaning anything new here, the story is not moving forward, the points have all been made. Even on my 4th reading of this I get tired of these sections.

88% done with War and Peace


I know Tolstoy wants to celebrate Kutuzov more than historians are willing to give credit to him, but Kutuzov didn’t really do anything, he just didn’t do anything to get in the way of the inevitable. Then again you could say he was like Belichick not wanting to call a time out in the Super Bowl because he knew his opponent, Pete Carroll would throw the ball and so he Belichick let Carroll make his mistake