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3% done with Middlemarch


I’m always a little relieved when I read a story written by a woman who talks about how difficult it is to figure out other women. Weather that speaks to how simple us men are or how complicated women are is another debate.

I like Mr. Brooke, have an image of him as being rather robust but not intimidating. A lover of a good time, but smart, too.

I liked Celia’s admonishment of Dorothea; good for her!

2% done with Middlemarch


Celia is far more perceptive about people than Dorothea. Dorothea is all up about the people’s welfare, whereas Celia seems to actually know what’s in their heart. Dorothea is also very condescending about the people of her own class – reminds me of suburban high school kids complaining about their soccer moms, as if the parents were somehow ignorant of the world. Dorothea is very sheltered.

2% done with Middlemarch


Sir James embodies wanting what we can’t have. Having no idea how the book will turn out I’d say the good odds are on him and Dorothea marrying since they’re so opposite. Dorothea is also very full of herself and her beliefs, she comes off as haughty and not very much fun. She may have higher ideals, but she’s also being rude. The way Celia feels about Mr. Casaubon is how I feel about Dorothea right now.