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10% done with Middlemarch


Ladislaw is an interesting character. He sizes Dorothea up right quick. Casaubon sure doesn’t love him, though Brooke is jolly about him.

Casaubon is one of those who people who do everything “correctly” and “right” but they have no joy in it. A man like Brooke, or Sir James probably fail and idle quite a lot, but they’re not worried about pretenses. Ladislaw is right to want to get away to Italy ASAP.

10% done with Middlemarch

Mr. Casaubon’s manor-house is nice, but fading and sadness creeps around – just like Mr. Casaubon.

“she would have preferred, of finding that her home would be in a parish which had a larger share of the world’s misery, so that she might have had more active duties in it.” That’s not very Christian, but she at least admits to her prideful desire.

Mr Brooke is such a good man, he knows how to like people.

9% done with Middlemarch

“It is a very good quality in a man to have a trout-stream.”

That’s my problem, no trout-stream!

Somebody put a drop [of Casaubon’s blood] under a magnifying-glass and it was all semicolons and parentheses,”!

I’m sure we’ll get a more emphatic picture of Mr. Casaubon, but these quills in him are fun.

Mr. Cadwallader is smart to stay out of the whole thing: she’s not my daughter.