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13% done with Middlemarch


“”How can one describe a man? I can give you an inventory:” Ha!

“Oh, blameless people are always the most exasperating.”

“she even acted her own character, and so well, that she did not know it to be precisely her own.” = Rosamond is fake.

Rosamond and Fred really do feel like brother and sister.

All this talk about money and who gets what and acting the right way. So petty we all are.

10% done with Middlemarch


“All choice of words is slang. It marks a class.”

“Disagreeable is a word that describes your feelings and not my actions.”: everything is how you chose to see it.

Rosamond is a little snob but her family seem much more fun. She’s telling everyone what they “should” be doing but nobody takes her too seriously and her brother barbs right back at her. I would not like Rosamond at all in real life.

page 248 of 818 of Fortunata and Jacinta: Two Stories of Married Women

The use of his piggy bank is a nice scene. He’s not doing anything wrong, yet he feels like a criminal. He’s breaking his old life (but is he really going to change?), for Fortunata, but we know this can’t work. We want him to stay the same, not break his bank. He’s also more likely to marry the 12 year old housekeeper.