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29% done with Middlemarch


Fred doesn’t have typhoid fever, he’s just feeling the effects of growing a conscience. And Lydgate is probably over exaggerating the diagnosis so as to appear brilliant in front of Rosamond (and therefor make his name in the town). Wrench’s reputation sure will suffer.

Or maybe I’m being cynical?

28% done with Middlemarch


The reason why the Garth’s are so hard-up financially is because they’re such good people. The reason why people like Mr. Featherstone have money is because they don’t give a damn what other people think of them and probably don’t care for them either.

Eliot shows us the many facets of what blindly motivates people: Fred’s desire for idleness, Dorothea’s desire for the spiritual ideal, Naumann’s art.

27% done with Middlemarch


You can really feel Fred’s shame as he confesses to not having the money to pay the Garth’s back. This is compounded on how you can tell how much this will hurt the Garth’s. Just like regular middle-class people today, a financial blow like this can be near fatal. His actions effect more than his honor, which he recognizes, but pretty much runs away from out the door.

page 478 of 818 of Fortunata and Jacinta: Two Stories of Married Women

Art and even religion is always going on about how if everyone just loved all the time, acted from love, then the world would be perfect. But thats an ideal that is not possible in a world of rules and responsibilities and of people who might not love us back. We’re told to strive towards love but when we actually do it we’re too often ruined.

page 473 of 818 of Fortunata and Jacinta: Two Stories of Married Women

Moreno, who lives abroad most of the time, has a low opinion of his own country. He thinks it’s much better abroad, and they all laugh at him, but doesn’t everyone have a similar feeling about what they have? They want (covet) something else? And for sure what we have is shabby, but so is everything else so we should love our shabby cloaks.

26% done with Middlemarch


I can’t imagine that Fred will turn out to be nearly the horse trader he thinks himself to be. He’s already bad enough with money he has (or owes) so you can only image how bad he’ll be with money he wants. Besides, making money by buying and selling only works if you already have money and if you’re clever enough to convince people what they want to sell isn’t actually worth as much as they think.