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32% done with Middlemarch


“Here was a woman who had known some difficulty about marriage.” Did she think the marriage a bad one or just other people.

“And I don’t want to be married so very soon, because I think it is nice to be engaged.” Celia is clever as always

The dimness of Lowick Manor, the ghost-like image of the stag, the dun sky – all represent her husband. She hadn’t noticed before but it was always like this.

29% done with Middlemarch


Lydgate has no idea how many enemies he’s making. He wants to be a self-made man, well he’ll turn out to be unmade by everyone he’s turned against him. And just because he’s right in his opinions about how silly something like the “Keepsake” is, doesn’t mean he’s exempt from lording over everyone. Trivial fare is as much a social lubricant as alcohol, that’s why this sentimental nonsense if so loved by most.