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40% done with Middlemarch


What I enjoyed the most in this chapter was her observations of everyone as they waited and heard the will(s) to be read. Now the mystery is who is this Mr. Rigg (rigged!) , but also what will happen to Mary since she played a role in all this. And Fred, well, how often have we been close to a prize only to lose it because we were careless? Actions have consequences.

37% done with Middlemarch


We have a funeral, but we we really get is a lot of gossip (and Dorothea rightly says it’s sad to die and leave no one behind who loved them).

There’s an odd juxtaposition at the end here between death and the painting of Casaubon as Aquinas and how old and stodgy all that is, or at least, how out of touch it that theology is with regular people. Brooke doesn’t like art that’s too straining to keep up with.

37% done with Middlemarch


Mr. Featherstone meets his match at the end when Mary refuses (wisely) to not play into his game of the wills. I like the image of the fire as life and how it tricks her at first in the morning when she looks at Mr. Featherstone and isn’t sure if he’s alive or not.

page 613 of 818 of Fortunata and Jacinta: Two Stories of Married Women

A lot of death imagery now. And Galdos repeats the image of a rosary holding together trains of mules (stubborn) and carriages (freedom, wealth). Her dream is all confusion because she can’t express herself with language, only through feeling. This is why Guillermina failed because she wasn’t in command of her words or herself.