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50% done with Middlemarch

B5; C44

Dorothea isn’t considering her position to be giving money to Lydgate’s hospital. Yes, it is an honset and good deed she believes she is doing, but it does have a political message it sends to others in the town who oppose it. She’s taking a stance without realizing she’s doing so. People will talk.

49% done with Middlemarch

B5; C43

Lydgate and Rosamond’s relationship seems built on the idea of ambition, but they do seem complicit in it, as if they’ve found a good team mate in the affair. Will being at Rosamond’s house is a tad suspicious, though I doubt she would ever go in for that sort of thing.

page 24 of 499 of Pérez Galdós : Spanish liberal crusader

How wonderful is this description: the sound of the Atlantic waves, the smell of fish, fruits, meat sold/at the nearby market stalls, women in black mantillas or wearing white kerchiefs – this waas outside the window of his school, which was a horror inside. These descriptions are just as Glados would write them – the biogrpher here seems to be channeling Glados, or at least in love with him.