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A Carafe That Is A Blind Glass

I’m not going to make any pretensions about “getting” Stein, I’m just going to try and open myself up to whatever my happen with her.

A “blind glass”? As someone who wears glasses my glasses were the first thing to come to mind since she also uses the word “spectacle”. But why a carafe? I’m drawing a blank here.

She’s next focused on directions, “pointing”, “system”, “not unordered” – maybe she’s lost her glasses?

Spreading is interesting in terms of the glasses in that they spread the light out, especially when you look through someone else’s glasses and the world looks totally different. Which makes this an excellent first poem in this book since she wants us to look at the world in a new light, with new “spectacles”. Perhaps that’s why she used the word carafe since it’s shape sort of resembles a lens but it’s also a device used to pour drinks for multiple people, an act she’s trying to perform for us.