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Episode 1-14, 11001001

This is one I remember not liking when it first aired and again in reruns, but I suppose it has grown on me. The Bynars are an interesting species, even if they are overly simplified for an hour of scifi television. The real story was with the holosuit lady, Minuet and how it’s possible that a hologram could be real.

Episode 1-13, Angel One

Angel One is what you would find in the dictionary if you looked up Star Trek: a society where the women are the dominant sex and the men are subservient to the women. Not the worst episode ever, but it doesn’t really deal with issues of inequality and there’s a whole subplot designed only to keep the away team on the planet. The 1980’s square shoulder pads and hairspray hair aesthetic is in full force in this episode, too.

Episode 1-7, Justice

Starts off like it will be super cringey with the silly Eden planet full of nearly naked athletic white people, but it takes a real turn and becomes what Trek is best at: using reason and struggling with ethical issues (even religion) to find a peaceful solution. Good episode and another leap forward in acting and actor chemistry.

Episode 1-6, Lonely Among Us

Lonely Among Us was … meh. It had two of the stupidest and cheapest looking alien designs and a subplot that went nowhere. The main story of a captured energy being was a good idea but didn’t really go anywhere either. Still, this was a good episode for the whole main cast to work together and you can see they already have some good chemistry.

Episode 1-4, The Last Outpost

This started off strong but I honestly couldn’t tell you how this actually got resolved because it made no sense. Also, it’s funny that the Ferrengi were going to be TNG’s original main bad guys, but they were too comical so later the writers came up with the Borg, which was a major improvement.

I can’t get over how close to the original Trek this show looks, and that’s not a compliment- early TNG just looks so low budget.

Episode 1-3, Code of Honor

This was surprisingly… racist. An entire planet of black people portrayed as kind of savage and incapable of nuance. The strange thing is this episode was probably considered progressive 30 years ago because it shows women as being the sole landowners, but it sure hasn’t aged well in any other respect. Also, another annoying Wesley sighting, but at least he barely spoke this time.