Daily Archives: December 31, 2018

Episode 3-15, Yesterday’s Enterprise

Yesterday’s Enterprise would be by my reckoning the 3rd best Star Trek film, if it had been a movie, immediately after Star Trek 2 and 6 (original films). It’s almost too bad this was just a 45 min episode but it plays just as well as any film. I was even a little worried that this episode wasn’t as good as I remembered it, but it’s actually better than I remember. Everything here is pitch perfect, from the casting (Captain Garrett is awesome, as is Lt. Castillo, played by an amazing Christopher McDonald), to the old school, bad ass uniforms from the films, to what I think is the best looking version of the Enterprise, the 1701-C, though version A is also fantastic). The story kicks ass, the acting is great, Guinan plays it perfect … everything about this episode is perfect.

Episode 3-14, A Matter of Perspective

A Matter of Perspective is … meh. It’s just Rashamon in space but without any drama, action, or any of Kurosawa’s famous rain. The only thing of note is guest star Mark Margolis who played Hector Salamanca on Better Call Saul, and Breaking Bad, of which John de Lancie, Q, was also on. The only other positive is that the next episode is perhaps the greatest Star Trek episode of them all …

Episode 3-12, The High Ground

The High Ground is a good episode, despite how the show’s writers felt about it. True, they don’t have anything to say about terrorism that’s new, but what else is there to say? Is terrorism terrible? Yes. Is it usually effective? Also yes. I think what this episode does do really well is show how the Federation oppresses people without even realizing it when they assist dominant governments who struggle with minority factions, something DS9 will explore in depth. I also couldn’t help but feeling they should have cast Eric Bogosian in the role, but Richard Cox does a good job too.