Daily Archives: January 2, 2019

Episode 3-20, Tin Man

Tin Man is a wonderful episode, the sort of great science fiction story that Trek does best. Ancient aliens that are living spaceships, telepathic communication, androids understanding human emotion, space battles with a powerful foe, it is all here. The casting is also excellent with Harry Groener as the troubled empath. Casting can make or break an episode and they nail this one. This is one of my favorites.

Episode 3-19, Captain’s Holiday

Captain’s Holiday is a fun episode, mostly because Picard is annoyed the whole time. I like how the whole ship, especially Riker try to get him to take a vacation and Riker even manages to get him to but one of those sex idols. Still, the whole plot felt forced and Picard and Vash didn’t have the greatest chemistry, though they were pretty good together, and she is a very interesting character who pops up now and again (even on DS9 if I remember right).

Episode 3-18, Allegiance

Allegiance is definitely above average, though the alien race that imprisoned Picard were too goofy and should have been more threatening. Still, it was a good chance for Picard to show off more great leadership even if the slip up that raised his suspicions was, like the aliens, goofy. Later episodes when Picard is captive, such as when he grows old and the 4 lights episode are far more interesting.