Daily Archives: January 8, 2019

Episode 4-6, Legacy

Legacy is a fantastic episode with some of Spiner’s best acting. In fact it is remarkable how good of an actor he is to not only play Data but to allow him to grow even within the character’s limitations as an android. Overall this was a fun episode that touched on the troubles still plaguing the universe as well as the issues if trust among people and how that can be used to manipulate others. This is the sort of stuff Trek does best.

Episode 4-5, Remember Me

Remember Me has a great premise with Dr Crusher being the only person who is aware that the universe is shrinking, but the resolution is corny, though I do like The Traveler character. This is just a season 1 quality episode with slightly better writing. Also, when Wesley’s eyes are closed as he uses the computer you can see him typing on the plastic next to where the touch controls are, so even the characters miss the mark in this one.

Episode 4-4, Suddenly Human

Suddenly Human is the first TNG episode where Picard loses. It also raises the question of what it means to be human and how being raised by non humans would change a person. Sort of reminds me of Stands With a Fist in Dances With Wolves. The main problem with this episode is it needed more than 45 min to flesh it out, but it was still not bad. Another note is the show’s casting director loves casting these pouty, blonde kids to serve as guest stars.