Daily Archives: January 9, 2019

Episode 4-9, Final Mission

Final Mission is, I suppose, the last main episode with Wesley. It’s not a bad episode, but it’s strangely devoid of any real emotion. Maybe because Wheaton just isn’t that good of an actor, but he also was barely in control of the situation as it was so I never felt like he was really doing much to really save Picard. Also, why didn’t the Enterprise just park the radiation barge away from the planet for a while to go look for Picard rather than tow it through the dumb asteroid belt. Oh well, if this is Wesley’s last episode then it’s fitting that it’s not so great.

Episode 4-8, Future Imperfect

It’s almost as if someone dared the writers to come up with an interesting premise and then do their best to twist it into a complete and total trainwreck. The first 3/4 is quite good with a fun mystery, but the ending is so colossally stupid that I am stupider for having sat through it. It’s so stupid that it has brought dishonor to my ancestors just because I sat through it. I mean, what the fuck were the writers thinking?

Episode 4-7, Reunion

Kick. Ass. Episode. There isn’t even a bad line of dialogue in this one. Great episode that plays into the larger Worf story line, as well as the Federation’s relationship with the Klingons. Getting to see Gowron’s first appearance was great since he is such a great character. I also appreciate the issues Alexander has when he’s grown up in the later DS9 episode. I wish Trek would just make a Klingon show.