Episode 4-22, Half A Life

Half A Life is another top 5 all time episode and is a nearly perfect Trek episode. Lwaxana is the main star this time, but she’s foiled by the fantastic David Ogden Stiers who just kills it in every scene. In fact he’s probably the best guest actor (non repeating) the show has ever had. His and Lwaxana’s relationship feels genuine and natural and the script doesn’t take the easy way out by settling for an easy answer to the question of euthanasia. Interestingly this is the first episode with Michelle Forbes who will be back later as Ensign Ro and was almost Major Kira on DS9. Majel Barrett does not get enough credit as an actress, her role as Lwaxana is impressive and this episode in particular really makes her a part of the main casting a way just as John DeLance does as Q Great, amazing episode.