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Episode 5-19, The First Duty

The First Duty is an actually good Wesley episode, but mostly because of Robert Duncan MacNeill (pre Mr. Paris) and Ray Walston as the fabled Boothby we’ve heard so much about. The episode does a nice job of showing how high pressure a Starfleet commission can be and the insanely high standards for all cadets. It was also nice to see how those expectations broke Wesley since his desire to fit in outweighed his better judgment (at least till he finally; predictably) confessed.

page 54 of 512 of Swann’s Way: In Search of Lost Time, Volume 1

I was thinking about how when you’re a child the days last forever – time is so much more stretched out and rich when everything is new. Proust recreates that sensation, he luxuriates in the smallest details, and all the details connect: a leaf in the moonlight, the smell of the varnish, the sound of the bells, and the taste of cake dipped in tea. This feels like what Bergson was trying to say to Einstein about time.