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Episode 5-22, Imaginary Friend

Imaginary Friend is really good, though a bit odd since it mostly revolves around 2 kids, both of whom are good good little actresses. I like the premise of an imaginary friend becoming real as well as how family life on a starship would be tough on a kid, but the point if view the alien takes is kinda dumb since it just assumes the grownups are just a bunch of meanies and deserve to die. Still, a solid scifi story and it’s nice to see Guinan again – she’s been gone all season.

Episode 5-20, Cost of Living

Yea, another Lwaxana episode! These are always my favorite. This one had a particularly bittersweet moment when Majel Barrett (as Lwaxana) talks about being alone and you could tell she was thinking of her husband, Gene Roddenberry who had passed away not long before. The episode itself was not great with the b story of a metal eating parasite nearly destroying the Enterprise and even the reason for Lwaxana to be on board was a silly story, but her scenes with Worf’s son, Alexander, were very charming.

page 114 of 512 of Swann’s Way: In Search of Lost Time, Volume 1

Sometimes we know we’re reading a great book when the author says something we’ve always intuited but were never able to put into words. Often this happens once, maybe twice in a really great novel. When it happens more than twice, such as in War and Peace or Ulysses or reading Emily Dickinson or George Oppen, we know we’re inside the realm of pure genius. But when it happens page after page, it’s almost terrifying.