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Episode 5-24, The Next Phase

Michelle Forbes really kicked ass in her few episodes and she would have been phenomenal on DS9. This was a fun episode, though the Romulan plot to blow up the Enterprise sort of gets forgotten in the end. Also the science in this one is pretty bad: they can’t interact with any physical object, but their feet are firmly planted on the ground?

Episode 5-23, I Borg

I remember when First Contact came out and while everyone loved the movie, a lot of people complained about their being a Borg queen, but I always considered her to be a result of this episode. Individually would not destroy the Borg, they would adapt it somehow while still remaining mostly Borg. The really interesting aspect of this episode is the ethical concern of using a living being as a means to kill its entire species. Is killing every mosquito on earth ethical because they spread malaria? This episode side steps giving an answer by allowing Hugh to rejoin the Borg in hope that individuality will infect them, but the question remains: is killing an entire species ethical?

page 136 of 512 of Swann’s Way: In Search of Lost Time, Volume 1

I love how the deeper I get into the novel the more it feels I am living with this family. I look forward to his grandmother’s walks in the rain, his Aunt’s disappointment with having too many visitors at once, or knowing how a scene is repeated as when he didn’t look at his uncle, an event which was never reconciled, to when his father thinks he ignored on the street by someone he knew and we feel the pain of it.