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Episode 6-2, Realm of Fear

Realm of Fear makes up for the bad season opener, Arrow of Time part II, with a really fun Barclay episode. This might be the best Barclay episode because it doesn’t make fun of Barclay or put him in some bizarre situation, it only explores his fear of the transporter which allows him to solve the mystery. I love how you can see him trying harder to interact with the rest of the main crew by taking a deep breath before speaking. Very fun.

Episode 6-1, Time’s Arrow Part II

What a harebrained plot these aliens cooked up to go back in Earth’s time to steal people’s energy. What was the point? Who were these aliens? What was the snake thing all about? How did Picard wind up renting that room? Where did everyone get their period correct clothes? What a goofy episode. And the whole Mark Twain thing (and Jack London) was mostly idiotic except for when Troi taught him about how much better the future is. All around waste of a two part series finale / starter. Ugh.

page 214 of 512 of Swann’s Way: In Search of Lost Time, Volume 1

This concludes the Combray section. The final image of his room going out (or coming into) focus, his recalling Hawthorns when running into a friend, his longing to be kissed by his mother and his despondency at not being kissed: his foundation of memory, a language individual to the mind. I love how he mistakes the brass curtain rod for daylight and how we remember the invalid at the start who longs for company.