Daily Archives: March 10, 2019

Episode 6-5, Schisms

Not a terrible episode, but only because I’m hoping they revisit the aliens they were abducted by, otherwise this was sort of silly. And just imagine getting a job as the props person for Star Trek and then being asked to buy a park bench and a pair of scissors. I feel like the budget for this episode was only in the tens of dollars.

Episode 6-4, Relics

Relics could have been a lot better. First of all they discovered a friggin Dyson Sphere, that alone should have been the main attention of the episode, but it was somehow abandoned and we never learn why. Then Scotty making an appearance should also have been it’s own episode, but while there were some very good moments with him and Burton and Stewart, the story felt flat. Season 6 is not off to a good start.