Daily Archives: March 13, 2019

Episode 6-7, Rascals

When the episode began with Keiko, Picard, Guinan, and Ro turned into children I immediately assumed this would suck. However, this was actually a very fun episode and all 4 kids did a great job, especially young Guinan and Picard. 12 year old Picard stamping his feet and yelling “now” over and over again is exactly how you would expect adult Picard to assume a 12 year old would act. The side story with the Ferrengi was not bad either, but Ferengi stories never get good until DS9. I also loved Riker speaking in pure technobabble to solve a problem. I feel like this episode was a lot better than it should have been given how much of a poor start season 6 is off to, but I’m hoping this marks a turnaround. We’ll see.