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Episode 6-9, Quality of Life

Quality of Life is the first truly excellent episode of the season (other than the Barclay one maybe). This is also the first time Trek doesn’t cheat when determining a possible new life form by allowing it to communicate, all we have to go on are the Exocomp’s actions and so the question of if they are alive or not is left open somewhat. Tying this episode into Measure of a Man was a good decision too because it gave Data great motivation to explore the Exocomps as well as refuse Riker’s orders. Rock solid episode.

page 247 of 512 of Swann’s Way: In Search of Lost Time, Volume 1

I’m trying to wrap my brain around Swann. He’s got red hair and green eyes so his looks probably cause him to stand out a little. He’s idle, but he’s always holding back and I get the feeling everyone else senses there is more to him then he lets on and this adds to his charm. Madame Verdurin is interesting as ring leader, but for some reason I feel sort of sad for her. Cottard is funny, but would be a bore to know.