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Episode 6-11, Chain of Command II

Chain of Command II is an all-time classic episode, not only because how how chilling it is, or how great the acting of Stewart and David Warner (as Madred), but also because it sets the tone for the Cardassians as brutal, cold, militaristic, and beyond any ability for empathy. They are perhaps the best villains in all of Trek outside of the Borg – in fact they might be better since they actually have a personality whereas the Borg are more insect-like. It’s also refreshing to see an actor play a bad guy as someone who seems to be a good guy. Warner doesn’t yell or scream, he’s methodical and cold in his cruelty and somehow that’s far more cruel than if he yelled and screamed all over the place. Brilliant episode and there really are only four lights.

Episode 6-10, Chain of Command I

The most interesting aspect of this episode is Picard being relieved of command and Jellico, who nobody likes, takes over. But I just can’t understand why Starfleet would send a veteran captain to do commando work. Worf? Absolutely. Dr. Crusher? Most likely not. But absolutely not Picard. I’m hoping that part two explains this plot with the Cardassians better, and I do believe the next episode is the great “there are 4 lights” episode, but so far part I, while pretty good, is not great.