Daily Archives: March 18, 2019

Episode 6-14, Face of the Enemy

Face of the Enemy could have been, with some tweaks to the script, a feature film. While initially seeing Troi altered to look Romulan seemed like a gimmick, the plot was really clever, exciting, and aside from the convenient character, DeSeve who knew all the answers to help Picard, this was a well thought out thriller. Best of all was Carolyn Seymour playing the Romulan captain, Toreth. She was Picard’s equal in every way and also gave us a sympathetic look at the Romulans, especially their unease with their own government. Toreth is an honest captain doing her best for her ship and her crew and had this been a film it would have been fascinating to see two great captains go up against each other. Troi was excellent this episode, too; she really owned the part of playing a Romulan and she really had fun this episode. Nice to see her get to do something more than ask people about their feelings.