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Episode 6-15, Tapestry

Holy shit, what an episode! It’s remarkable how Stewart can carry this whole show just by himself when he has to. So many times he’s been the main focus of an episode and he just kills it every single time. I also love how the show has stuck with the framing device Q sets up from the very first episode of putting humanity on trial, even in an instance like this when it’s just one person’s experiences and the choices they make when young. And to have Q really get the better of Picard was great, especially when Picard is just a lowly Lt. being told by Troi and Riker that he’ll never be in command because he just plays it too safe. Great episode about life, about choices, and about Picard’s character as someone who, though he tries to be a reserved and deliberate person, is really, at heart (pun intended) a far more interesting person than he lets on. That’s why the end of the episode is great with him telling Riker a story in the ready from from his wild youth. Brilliant episode!

page 272 of 512 of Swann’s Way: In Search of Lost Time, Volume 1

Odette only goes as far as Swann is willing to go, she never forces the issue. He pushes the flower in and she lets him.

I like his diver, Remi; he’s the only one being sensible.

You can feel Swann going out of control as he searches for Odette. He doesn’t have to do this, it’s just one night he didn’t see her, but he’s obsessed and he seems to actually enjoy the experience of putting himself through this pain.