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Episode 6-17, Birthright II

Excellent conclusion to this story. I realized while watching this that TNG is basically three distinct story lines: 1) Data’s story of becoming human, 2) Worf’s story of becoming (more) Klingon, and 3) the over-arching Q story of humanity on trial which everyone takes part in. In this story it’s all Worf, and what’s really well done is that while there is a love story here, what’s more central is Worf’s relationship with the young Klingon man, Toq. The story wisely allows Worf to influence Toq in hopes he will discover his Klingon’ness rather than just make it some silly love story of a half Klingon, half Romulan girl. This was a very well thought out episode, and I loved the touch at the end when Worf lies to Picard and Picard says “I understand” with a look that means he really does. THere was also the philosophical issue of allowing these Roumlans and Klingons to live in peace away from their centuries of hatred and war with each other and having Worf disrupt that raises issues of whether its possible for old hatreds to truly die. The episode doesn’t give an answer, but it seems to imply that they can’t be put aside so easily.Excellent episode.