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In the name of the Bee

Trinity, 21st century, BenWill
Background Image: Trinity, 21st century, BenWill

Instead of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, she uses the nature imagery of the “Bee”, the “Butterfly”, and the “Breeze”. Each image is significant and is an avatar for the holy trinity, but one grounded in the world we live in.

First, God is replaced with the “Bee” who is that which pollinates all the flowers and maintains all life. A famous quote attributed to Albert Einstein but which can’t be proven that he said it goes “If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years left to live” meaning that the bee is central to all life, and, like God, has a stinger that can hurt you.

Second is the “butterfly” which stands in for the son, Jesus. Jesus is he who transformed and transcended death, just as a butterfly seems to do when it goes through its metamorphosis. Just as well all must die and, hopefully pass onto to a better world, the butterfly is, for her, this symbol of moving on (and it’s a very common image to this day as it has been all through history).

Finally the “breeze” is the holy spirit, the mysterious essence of the trinity which connects both Father and Son, and here it’s the air and life-force of which both the bee and the butterfly require for life and which must contend with when the breeze is strong. All things require the breath of life which God and the Bee provide.

Yet all this is the prayer she believes in. She does not say God or Son, rather she remains bound to the mortal, natural realm and so these images are for her a trinity of life and a basis of her belief.