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Huh, The Picatrix is a real thing – I though he just made it up. So is he comparing the internet to the sacred grimoires of the ancient past? The internet is sort of like a shaman guiding you around to tell you what you need to know but at the same time filling you with shit that will eventually have to be sucked out of your nose with a tube in the hospital.

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Cancer is a theme of this novel, cancer and sickness in general, be it Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, cancer, anxiety with depression, more cancer. Everyone’s bodies are giving out or they are at war with their own bodies – but the spirits in the bodies are strong, like the people who occupied Alcatraz (like Richard Oakes). So Alcatraz was sort of like the sick body that the spirits were trying to revive.

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Her mom was laying like that because of cancer – stomach?

“She told me the world was made of stories, nothing else, just stories, and stories about stories” – she’s right. Everything is a story and reality gets to be whoever tells it. In their case their reality is at odds with the US government, is at odds even with the white kids who make fun of their names in the schools.

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There in the weird space where the adults want to make a stand and teach the kids about their heritage and past but the kids just want to go home and watch TV and, well, be kids. It’s like the kids know that this is all a lost cause, that all they’ve done is occupy somewhere people only wanted to escape from.

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I like how she isn’t sure if Bear Shield is supposed to be a shield bears use to protect themselves, or a shield people use to protect themselves against bears. She doesn’t understand her name and feels burdened carrying “that big old name around”. The kids don’t even change it to make fun of it, they just say the whole thing because it sounds funny to them.

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“I know this means a lot of editing, a lot of watching, and a lot of listening, but that’s just what our community needs considering how long it’s been ignored, has remained invisible” – and it’s interesting he will remain invisible to make the project.

Interesting how the one person to be skeptical was the other Native American, was weird and fascinating to see that tension there (there).

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I like the playing with the expression “There There”. In the Radiohead song it’s almost like it’s about “there” always being somewhere else (as in ‘over there’) but not here. There is also the false comforting expression of “There there” we say when we don’t have anything to say to someone who is distressed, and then the Gertrude Stein sense in that there is no there there, it’s gone.

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“I’m sick from dying” is a good line – and he relates that to life in general where “time has us”. Granted this is a pessimistic view, but it fits his Uncle who is dying and has been dying his whole life.

Interesting play on the idea of medicine with “Some medicine is poison” – obviously alcoholism and drug addiction is often associated with Native Americans, but it is a real threat.

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The confusion about the scripts is interesting in that it sort of ties back to Tony’s story where Indians are on TV (scripted entertainment where nothing was real or accurate) or, if it’s a transcription, it’s an attempt to set the record straight, but also by turning it into entertainment. It’s a weird blending of reality and unreality, fact and fiction, truth and fiction.

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The lyrics from Radiohead’s “There There” say “Just cause you feel it / doesn’t mean it’s there”, and that “We are accidents waiting / Waiting to happen”. I can see why Dene might like this song since there is a hint of paranoia in it but also an anxiety of our lives being accidents and that something, anything, might happen and that “someone’s on your shoulder” either watching you or it’s you judging you.

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Dene Oxendene seems anxious, low self-esteem, and needing something the ease him (drugs, weed) but nothing satisfies him. He’s hyper aware of how people see him in that he know how to not get the attention of people who might question him, “Whatchyoulookingat”. Though this is typical for anyone in the city to look without looking, he seems nervous about all of it. The city might not be the best place for him.