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Thought the brothers think Lony’s question is dumb, it’s a good question about what a pow wow is and what the point is. I like that they relate it to food, but the food they relate it to, Indian Tacos, are not “real” Indian food, just comfort food poor people make. But then doesn’t that also make it authentic Indian food since everyone was eating it? Where does authenticity begin and end? What is authenticity?

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So Harvey is leading this group and Jacquie still hates him for what he did to her and she believes he’s probably raped other women, but then there is he running a group so has he changed? She can’t honestly blame him for her addictions, those were her choice, even if it was to mask the pain of what he did to her, so at what point to people have to forgive each other and themselves? Is it possible?

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Well he’s not wrong – if all this counselling is just a way for people to have a job and it’s not actually helping someone then, yeah, his speech is dead on. People want control in their lives and they’ll find it however they can, either through addiction or suicide or crime or whatever.

It’s too bad we live in a society where for some people to win so many others have to lose.

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When they ask Calvin if he remembers about the money that will be at the Pow Wow it gives you some insight into why people do really really dumb things. He had told them about the money basically to show off but they took him seriously and now he’s stuck between some very serious (even deadly) peer pressure and doing something really dumb. Adds insight into news stories we hear about “idiot” criminals.

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I like how he describes them bobbing their heads slightly to the bass as a form of dancing, just dancing in the smallest denominator possible. It’s like he’s taken the image of the native dancers, mixed it with A Tribe Called Red, then put it on a slow simmer where just the slightest hint of traditional dance still seeps in.

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Legal drugs, medications to keep bipolar under control. No wonder Carver and Kesey are right at home on the shelves in these characters libraries. Everyone is medicating something because everyone is ill.

Is anyone ever healthy? And it’s interesting he hasn’t delved into Native spirituality as some sort of savior (though the Pow Wow ism coming up) – not even culture and past can cure us.

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He also has in common with Edwin all the reading the both of them have done – they both have turned inward, turned toward that which provides clear ideas and has an internal morality that can be studied, even if Carver and Hemingway and Kesey were drunks – it was at “real” and provides a weird sort of comfort.

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No surprise Bill likes baseball, not only is it old-fashioned, but it’s slow and it has clearly defined rules and goals, unlike the modern world. I actually watched the final monologue of No Country For Old Men (again; I love that scene) where he dreams about going on ahead with his father into the darkness, into that space the old have set aside in a cold world. But that space is also death and ending.